Services Overview

We take pride in providing the following services to meet our customer's needs:

Assessments and Trial Services

For assessments relating to mobility equipment, we can deliver various types of manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs
in standard seat configurations as well as the prescribed seating and positioning within 3 working days of a request from
the prescribing therapist.

Our seating and mobility consultants are well trained and enthusiastic about providing you with the best possible service.

Ask us about providing equipment for trial purposes. Often you can better understand how a piece of equipment will work when
you try it in the comfort of your own home. Talk to us and we'll see how we can help you.

Technical Services

Our experienced technicians customize and fit up new mobility equipment to meet both the therapist's prescription
and your personal needs.

We have extensive experience in repairing various types of mobility equipment including walkers, manual wheelchairs,
power wheelchairs and motor scooters. We also provide technical services for the repair of various aids for daily living including
lift chairs and hospital beds.

Fitting Services for Compression Therapy

Our staff is trained in the fitting of medically prescribed stockings. By special request and for a modest additional charge,
we may also be able to provide this fitting service at your own home. Please call us for details.

Pedorthic Services

A Certified Pedorthist, C. Ped (C) practices at our pedorthic clinic at solea at 943 Carling Avenue in Ottawa. Following a medical prescription, our Pedorthist can provide a biomechanical gait evaluation, custom fabricate foot orthotics and can also provide footwear modifications. Please visit for more information.

Footwear Services

Our professional fitters at solea at 943 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, are experts at fitting the most difficult feet. We specialize in special needs footwear that offers extra depth and that can accommodate virtually any foot type. Please visit for more information.

Administrative Services

We can explain various funding options that are available for purchasing various types of mobility equipment.
We can also help you claim for health insurance benefits reimbursement by providing you with an official receipt.

Educational Services

We have numerous contacts with physiotherapy and occupational therapy companies and can assist long term card facilities and retirement homes in organizing staff educational inservices.

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