1. Where Are You Located?

Handi-House is located at 203 Colonnade Road 
(Closer to Merivale Road than Prince of Wales)

2. What Are Your Business Hours?

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon
Closed Sunday

3. What Does Handi-House Do?

Since 1981, Handi-House has provided sales, service and rentals of manual and power wheelchairs, motor scooters and walkers in Ottawa and eastern Ontario. We strive to build long term relationships with our customers by providing outstanding customer service at all times. We practice integrity, fairness, humility and respect in all our dealings.
Assistive Devices Program (A.D.P.)

4. What is the Assistive Devices Program (A.D.P.)

The Assistive Devices Program (A.D.P.) is a program operated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. It provides funding to Ontario residents who have long term physical disabilities and who require mobility devices and other assistive devices. Our staff will be happy to assist you in the process of applying to the A.D.P.
The A.D.P. funds manual and power wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility devices. A.D.P. covers a percentage of the price and the applicant pays the portion not covered by the A.D.P.

5. Are You a Registered Vendor of the Assistive Devices Program (A.D.P.)?

Yes, Handi-House is a registered vendor of the A.D.P. and has been for over twenty-five years.

6. Am I Eligible to Receive A.D.P. Funding?

Any Ontario citizen who has a long term physical disability and who requires a mobility device and other assistive devices is eligible to apply.

7. How Often Will A.D.P. Fund for New Equipment?

Should your physical condition change or your equipment is worn out, the A.D.P. may provide funding for new equipment. Contact the A.D.P. and/or an A.D.P. authorized occupational therapist or physiotherapist for more information. 

8. How Do I Start the Process of A.D.P. Funding for a New Walker or New Wheelchair?

Contact a physiotherapist or occupational therapist registered with the A.D.P. who will provide you with an assessment of your needs.

9. How Do I Find An A.D.P. Authorized Physiotherapist Or Occupational Therapist?

We can provide you with names of privately practicing, authorized physiotherapists or occupational therapists who will charge for their services. A.D.P. can also provide you with a list of all authorizers in the Ottawa area. You can also contact the C.C.A.C. to see whether you may be eligible for their program.

10. How Soon Can You Provide a Walker, Manual Wheelchair or Power Wheelchair For An Assessment?

We can deliver type 2, 3 or 5 manual wheelchairs, and type 3 power wheelchairs in standard seat configurations within three working days of a request by a prescribing therapist.

11. You do you buy a Wheelchair?

12. What Funding Options Are There?

There are many funding agencies available depending on one's needs. We can provide you with the names of various funding agencies. Here are some of the agencies we invoice directly on our customers' behalf:
  • Assistive Devices Program (A.D.P.) 
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (O.D.S.P.) 
  • Essential Health and Social Services (E.H.S.S.)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (D.V.A.) 


13. Can I Claim My Equipment Purchase On My Health Insurance?

Please check with your insurance company directly. Many items such as walkers, wheelchairs and hospital beds may be eligible for partial reimbursement, depending on your insurance policy. 


14. Do You Rent Equipment? If So, What Equipment?
  • Bathroom Safety Aids 
  • Bath Lifts 
  • Commodes 
  • Transfer Poles 
  • Hospital Beds and Bed Assist Rails
  • Lift Chairs 
  • Motor Scooters 
  • Power Wheelchairs 
  • Transport Chairs 
  • Walkers 
  • Wheelchairs 
  • Post-Vitrectomy Chairs and Face Down Positioning Devices

Please ask us about our rental prices. We accept Visa or Mastercard for rental payment. In addition, a deposit by Visa or Mastercard is required, refundable upon return of equipment.

15. Will You Deliver and Pick Up Rental Equipment?

Yes, for a modest fee.


16. Do You Repair Equipment?
Yes. In most cases, depending on the make and model of the equipment being repaired and the availability of parts, we can provide repairs.

17. Can I Wait While My Walker is Repaired?

It depends on the nature of the repair. In some cases, we can provide a minor repair while you wait. In most cases, we ask that you leave the equipment with us and one of our technicians will provide the repair. 


18. Will You Purchase My Used Equipment?

Sometimes we do, depending on the type of equipment and its condition. In most cases, we suggest donating the equipment to a charitable organization that in return may be able to provide you with an income tax receipt. 


19. Will You Deliver?

We are happy to deliver equipment that may not be easy for our customers to take home themselves, such as motor scooters, wheelchairs and lift chairs. For deliveries and pick ups, we do charge a modest fee. Please ask for more information. 


20. Do You Install Grab Bars in Bathrooms?

No, we do not. We have found that in many older apartments and homes, there are occasional situations where the wall substrate does not offer as safe and secure an installation for a grab bar as is optimal.