Help Ensure Your Retinal Surgery is Successful.

A vitrectomy chair, also known as a face down positioning device is considered medically necessary when you are required to maintain a face-down position following vitrectomy surgery. Macular hole repair is the most common indication for vitrectomy surgery. Through natural degeneration, a hole can form in the macula causing blurry vision.

Your ophthalmologist will prescribe the period of time to maintain a face-down position, the usual time frame running
from five days to two weeks.


A vitrectomy is the surgical removal of the vitreous humour which is the clear, aqueous gel in the centre of the eye. This is done to clear blood and other debris from the eye. The ophthalmologist then fills the eye with a gas bubble that floats in the eye and when the patient maintains a proper face down position, the gas rises and applies pressure to the back of the eye allowing the macula and retina to properly re-bond to the eye wall. The gas bubble slowly dissolves and is naturally replaced with vitreous humour.

Success Rates for Vitrectomies

Success rates of 90% or more have been reported with the proper use of a vitrectomy chair following macular hole repair.
Success rates have been reported to be as low as 60% without face down positioning or in cases of poor compliance to positioning.

Vitrectomy Chairs and Face Down Positioning Devices


If you don’t hold your head in a face-down position, the gas bubble will not be effective and your eye will not properly heal.


When you hold your head in the proper face-down position following your vitrectomy for the period of time prescribed by your ophthalmologist, the gas bubble stays in the proper position to help the eye heal.

Recovery from your vitrectomy can be challenging because of the monotony, stress and discomfort of holding a face-down position around the clock. Using our ergonomically designed, face down positioning devices, you can comfortably sit, talk with friends
and family, read, do computer work, lie down, sleep and even watch television.


Rentals from Handi-House include the finest quality vitrectomy chairs and face-down sleep supports available today. Equipment is thoroughly sanitized before each rental period. We take the time to share with you how the equipment should be set up for optimal performance.

The following vitrectomy equipment is available for rental:
  1. Vitrectomy Chair
  2. Desk Support
  3. Sleep Support
We request the purchase of a cotton face cover to maintain hygiene.

Vitrectomy rentals are available for a minimum period of one week. Please call 613-728-1115 prior to your vitrectomy surgery
for rates, bookings and to make an appointment for a no charge personal demonstration at our Ottawa store.