Grab Bar Installation

Grab Bar Installation

Our trained professionals will visit your home for a quote on a grab bar installation.:

The most common purchase would be two stainless steel grab bars with one of them being 18″ and the other 24″.

It is difficult to accurately give a price estimate on the total installation cost prior to our technicians arriving on site. This is due to a considerable variance in the amount of materials needed for each site. We also must assess structural integrity and how many hours of labour are expected.

Typically, an installation involving two grab bars will average $320.

  • 18″ Bar – $50.00
  • 24″ Bar – $60.00
  • Easy Grip Ball – $10.00/each
  • Service Visit – $40.00
  • Labour Rate – $59/hour
  • Materials – $55.00

While installing high-quality stainless steel grab bars (a process performed by drilling into the wall) is our recommended route for bathroom safety installation, a convenient and easy-to-install suction cup grab bar is available. The grab bar attaches effortlessly and does not requiring drilling holes in the wall surface.

It is always safer to have your grab bars professionally installed but sometimes traditional grab bars are not possible (rental property, cost-prohibitive). Suction cup grab bars should be used with caution.

Also, don’t forget that the versatile SuperPole is just as useful and practical in the bathroom as it is in the bedroom.